About Us

Our History

Ningfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., established on November 10th, 2009, is located near the beautiful historical site of Sanxingdui Town, Deyang City, SiChuan Province, China. The company is a modern international enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, brand export, international trade, and consulting services of cosmetics, disinfection & antibacterial products.

Our Factory

The purification level of Ningfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. reaches 100,000 grade, and the core area level reaches 10,000 grade, which fully meets the requirements of the European Union and United States Federal cosmetics. The water production process adopts the Canadian GE module, secondary RO reverse osmosis, and American Dow EDI ion exchange technology. The production water is also advanced in China.

Besides our international production standards, Our company has also cooperated with the following Institutions & professionals for advanced technology:

-The College of life sciences of SiChuan University,

-Chengdu Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Industry Technology Co., Ltd,

-The center of Science & Technology Collaborations,

-China Academy of Chinese medicine Sciences,

-Dr. Li Ying, member of green extraction team of the University of Avignon in France.

Therefore, our company is the leading cosmetic production manufacturer in China in terms of technology, equipment, and production conditions.



Our Product

With the permission of the National Medical Products Administration of China, the following products can be produced:

● Cosmetics series:

1. toothpaste,essential oil soap,high-end laundry detergent

2. hair gel

3. lip cream, lipstick, mascara, skincare herbs essential oil and plants hydrolat

4. Moisturizing Series: Skincare products, cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, essence, eye cream, facial mask

5. Anti-aging repairing series: Skincare products, cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, essence, eye cream, facial mask

6. Whitening and freckle series: Skincare products, cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, essence, eye cream, facial mask

7. Repairing product series: Skincare products, cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, essence, eye cream, facial mask.

8.Hand care series: hand soap, hand cream, hand exfoliating cream

● Professional beauty salon series:

1. massage oil,massage cream,face care products for hospitals

2. Essential oil products

3. Breast care series

4. Slimming series essential oils

5. Skincare series

6. photoelectric cold gel

● Haircare products:

1. Herbal hair cream

2. Hydrotherapy

3. Head therapy fumigation package

4. Scalp Cleaning oil

5. Rose hair cream

● Disinfection products:

1. Disinfectant

(1) Disinfectant (mouth, nasal cavity, skin, eyes)

① Liquid pasteurizing solution

② Hand sanitizer

③ Environmental disinfection products

(2) disinfectant spray

Hand & skin disinfection spray

(3) Gel

Wash(Rinse)-free Hand sanitizer

(4) Disinfectant powder

(5) Purification disinfectant

2. Antibacterial products

(1) Antibacterial solution

(2) Antibacterial spray

(3) Antibacterial gel

(4) Antibacterial gel for women

(5) Antibacterial powder

(6) Antibacterial purification agent

Product Application

Head, face, body, hands, and feet

Our Certificates

Cosmetic production license, 

Sanitary license of the disinfection product manufacturer, 

Business registration license,

Trademark registration certificate.


Production Equipment

10,000 grades R&D and inspection center, American EDI Dow technology, Canadian GE module, 1kg-5 tons of emulsification production equipment, automatic filling machine, automatic filming machine, automatic toothpaste filling machine, automatic facial mask machine.